Should I Remove It?

Should I Remove It?

Make informed decisions on which apps to remove and which to keep on your PC
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Bloatware, trialware, adware, crapware of all sorts, toolbars, and a number of other hard-to-classify apps that you don’t remember having installed are peacefully but ruthlessly taking up your valuable space, if not spying on you and your private data. The problem with most of those junk apps is that they look legit to most users. Should I Remove It? will help you make informed decisions on which apps to keep and which uninstall from your computer without losing valuable functionality.

Anyone who has ever googled an app’s name just to know more about it or to find a download link for it, has surely come across a “Should I Remove It?” recommendation topping the results list. Widely known for its online free recommendation service, you can now download this free app from the Reason Software site and purge your computer from all kinds of crapware once and for all. Based on the data collected after installing more than 77 million programs and the apps’ removal rate, Should I Remove It? knows everything you need to know to make a good decision when it comes to keeping or removing an unknown app.

The program’s look and feel will surely remind you of your Windows uninstaller, except for the fact that Should I Remove It? not only lists all apps installed on your computer, but also adds a rating and a removal rate to each entry to help you make your decisions. If you want to know more about a certain program, just click on it and then on the “What is it?” button – it’ll take you to the Should I Remove It? website, where you’ll find an exhaustive description of what the app does, the files it installs on your PC, its registry entries, its installation lifespan, how it interacts with your system, and a final recommendation from the experts. Thus, you may find out that an app you had no idea it was installed on your computer has integrated with your web browsers, has added a Windows Service that runs continuously in the background, injects ads that are not associated with its main functionality, etc. If you decide to get rid of such a jewel you can do it without leaving the app by clicking on the “Uninstall” button provided.

You can set the program to run in the background and notify you every time a new program is installed on your PC, especially those that install other apps (usually adware, spyware, bloatware, crapware, and even malware) without asking for your permission first. Besides, you can also set it to run automatically once a month (if not running in the background already) to check your programs for new updates.

Both the app’s GUI and its overall functionality are extremely simple, suitable for all potential users regardless of their experience with this type of tools. The program sorts automatically all the apps on your PC by removal rate in descending order, not offering any custom filtering or any other sorting options. It requires you to have your Internet connection open, though, as most of the information it provides is hosted on their website.

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  • Detailed information about nearly any app.
  • Database with more than 77 million apps.
  • Uninstall" button to remove all crapware


  • Lacks custom filtering and sorting options.
  • Requires an Internet connection to retrieve detailed info
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